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  • Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

    Business owners can certainly attest to the wonderful yet hectic nature of the holiday season. In the midst of the holiday rush, businesses can become rather busy. If you don’t prepare early on, your holiday season may appear a bit more “bah humbug” than “merry and bright.” To help you prepare for the season, we’ve compiled a guide of your best tips and tricks on the preparations your business may need for its marketing efforts to maximize holiday revenue and entice prospective clients. 

    Update Holiday Hours

    The holidays change how businesses operate and may affect their hours. Your business might be open for extended hours to accommodate last-minute shoppers or closed on certain days for seasonal festivities. You can utilize your Google My Business profile to keep clients and customers informed when looking for accurate information regarding your business.

    You’ll want your profile to accurately reflect the following:

    • The days of the week your business is operational if it will be different than normal.
    • The time you will be opening and closing if it will be different than normal.
    • If you have any special hours. Maybe your business is having a holiday event and you plan on closing the office for the day.
    • What holidays are you open or closed for?

    Updating your hours on your Google My Business profile is an easy way to accurately reflect useful information for customers!

    Plan Sales and Events in Advance

    If your business is looking to run any marketing campaigns this holiday season, now is the time to start planning what products or services you plan to promote. Are you offering a discount on certain classes? Will there be a sitewide sale on all of your products? Maybe you’re promoting your booth that’s going to be present at a tree-lighting festival! 

    This is an important aspect of your holiday marketing efforts and will need to be sorted out prior to strategizing and planning your campaign. You need the objective before you can execute. By identifying your sales now, you leave less room for error, rushing, or missing important deadlines!

    Strategize and Plan Marketing Campaigns

    Now, this is where the fun begins… After planning the sales or events your business will have, you can begin planning and strategizing campaigns! Customers are likely to spend the most during the holiday season, buying gifts and taking advantage of the best deals, so you’ll want to find the most effective way to attract and gain their business. 

    That’s where we come in! Our digital marketing team will collaborate with you to develop a marketing campaign effective for your business and will maximize your efforts and budget.

    Check Website Performance

    As websites typically receive more traffic around the holiday season, it is important to ensure your site’s performance is strong and can handle the influx of visitors. We offer web hosting services that are capable of supporting these expected increases so that your customers and visitors will not experience any delays or downtime.

    Review Website Shopping Experience

    The functionality of your website can make or break a visitor’s shopping experience. As a result of the promotions taking place and the increase in traffic, it is crucial to ensure that consumers have a good experience when navigating the site to book services or purchase products. By using filters, visitors can refine their search and find what they are looking for, improving the process and speeding up checkout. Another option could be providing multiple ways to check out, such as AfterPay, PayPal, or more than one credit card.

    Ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website is an increasingly important aspect in today’s world, as 61% of shoppers’ online purchases were made on a smartphone during the 2018-2019 holiday season.

    Plan Holiday Content

    Don’t forget to have fun with your business’ marketing during the holiday season! Get creative with your posts and graphics and give your brand a little holiday sparkle Consider promoting specific holiday items or sharing holiday-themed pictures. Have fun and bring some festive cheer to your business!

    To Wrap Things Up

    Don’t wait until the holiday craze to start planning your marketing efforts! Let BOOST Creative help you get ahead of schedule. We’ll check your list and check it twice to ensure your business’s marketing efforts are ready to attract clients and bring them into the new year. 


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