Physicians Regional Neurovascular & Stroke Institute

The visuals in this campaign center on the symptoms of stroke that victims face. The message focuses first on saving lives, followed by the rehabilitation process. The subjects in the ads are real patient success stories along with their actual associated doctors.

Vein Specialists

Within this campaign, the patient’s legs are the hero. Each set of legs tells a story in combination their associated headline and body copy. The prescription pad located to the left outlines the patient’s name, occupation, and diagnosis. The purpose of each ad is to show how Vein Disease both affects everyone and can be easily corrected.

Physicians Regional Healthcare System

This campaign plays off the emotion a patient faces when ordinary task become too difficult due to their physical condition. The single object and simple statement are meant to draw the viewer in, guiding their eye towards reading the body copy which pays off the ad. The small x-ray image and associated doctor are specific to the region of the body that is affected by the specified object.

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