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  • 2022 in Review

    It’s common to find ourselves reflecting on the past year as we approach its end – what we’ve learned, what obstacles we’ve overcome, and what we’ve accomplished. As each year begins, we get a clean slate to start fresh, the possibility for new opportunities, and a chance to make new memories.

    Looking back, we’ve each experienced a moment so unique, special, or enjoyable that it’s stuck in our minds all year. We’re ending 2022 by reflecting on our year and what made it memorable.

    BOOST’s Memorable Moments

    Matthew Connar

    Owner and Creative Director

    “In reflecting back on 2022, what stands out to me is my staff’s resilience during a tough time. When Hurricane Ian hit in September, it nearly shut us down for two weeks. I have a mixed bag of remote and on-site employees. It was rewarding to see my staff from outside the area support those of us at ground zero, by picking up extra responsibilities to keep the business afloat. For my staff here in Southwest Florida that couldn’t work after the storm, it was inspiring to see them help out their community and people around them in their own unique ways. We got knocked down, but we stood right back up, dusted ourselves off, and got back at it.”

    Hannah Bollman

    Graphic Designer

    “My favorite moment was designing the Tiki Cruises website because I was able to explore a very fun aesthetic. Though it was challenging, I’m very happy with how the website turned out and that it was received well. It made me feel like I had grown as a designer and it was exciting to see how the web team animated and brought it to life.”

    Andy Brazil

    Director of Web Development

    “Looking back on 2022, my most memorable moment was the variety of clients we had the opportunity to meet and work with. This year introduced us to everything from behavioral health, pest control, engineering, hospitality, non-profit, chamber of commerce, start-up products, politics, real estate, and international sports organizations. Gaining experience and knowledge in all these different types of industries, meeting a range of different personalities, and being faced with unique challenges, made every day different and exciting.”

    Hank Dollman

    Senior Web Developer

    “I returned to BOOST in August after a long break to travel full time. So far what I’ve enjoyed most is seeing the progress the web department has made and the quality of work they’ve been doing. Particularly Chris correcting my mistakes during pair programming — little moments, but shows how much he’s learned in the time I’ve been away. On an individual level, I’ve enjoyed working on our technical infrastructure and open-sourcing some of our internal tools, which you can find on our GitHub page. More to come soon!”

    Chris Nitsch

    Web Developer

    “My favorite moment of 2022 was developing the ‘Find a Location’ page for Elite DNA. This page proved to be a perfect opportunity to put my frontend and backend skills to the test. Which resulted in something aesthetically pleasing and functional that people will be able to use for years to come!

    Madi del Rio-Sprague 

    Director of Digital Marketing

    “There have been countless wonderful moments with our clients and team over the past year, but none more so than helping Legacy Theater as they returned to live theater in a post-pandemic world. As some may know, the performing arts are very near and dear to my heart. The pandemic significantly impacted those within the arts industry, with some having to close their doors permanently. In 2022, we assisted them with their digital marketing strategy and execution, which significantly increased their sales and sold-out shows. The opportunity to blend my personal and professional experiences was an exciting one, and being able to make a positive impact within the performing arts community was incredibly rewarding.”

    Taylor Pace

    Social Media Coordinator

    “Working on my first campaign concept for was one of my memorable moments this year. I really enjoyed the collaboration between the digital and creative departments. Additionally, I enjoyed being hands-on with the creative for the campaign, as well as seeing how it would be implemented through advertising and social media.”

    Looking Forward

    As we look back, we’re also looking forward. What memorable moments will BOOST make in 2023?


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