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  • Why You Should Invest in Professional Logo Design

    Whenever you think of any popular brand, it’s likely that a visual of their logo pops up in your head. If it does, good – it’s doing its job! You shouldn’t think of your logo as just a symbol or image, but as a representation of who you are, introducing your business to those who are unfamiliar with it and telling its story.

    One of the first things that prospective clients notice about your business is your logo, which they’re more likely to remember than your name. Your logo should therefore be able to distinguish you from your competitors all while providing customers with a way to recognize you. Likewise, the professionalism of your logo contributes to your brand’s credibility, making its design that much more crucial to the success of your business. 

    Here are our top five reasons why you should invest in a professional logo design:

    Reason 1: Professional Logos are Custom and Can Be Trademarked

    A graphic designer can turn your wants, needs, and ideas into a fully customized logo that speaks directly to your customers. Having something that is crafted from scratch will allow your business to stand out from the competition. Those who don’t invest in professional design and use online logo generators often find that their logo, even after changing the font and colors, is similar to the logos of many other businesses.

    Another added benefit is that because professional logos are custom-made, they’re considered intellectual property and can therefore be trademarked to protect from infringement!

    Reason 2: Professional Logos are Provided in All Necessary Variations and File Formats

    Your business’s logo won’t just appear in one place. It will need to appear on a variety of items and materials, from t-shirts and letterheads to websites, social media, and more. Just as there’s a correct tool for every job, your logo should be provided in the correct file format best suited to address each of these needs. Some files are suitable for digital use, while others are best for printing or possible resizing. A professionally designed logo will contain a full kit of your logo design in all necessary file formats, color, and size variations to ensure it can be shared across different mediums without compromising quality. 

    Reason 3: Professional Logos Come With Color Formulas for Every Possible Use

    The logo design process gives you the opportunity to choose your brand colors from the start, with professionals helping you select the right ones. This is especially important because an online logo generator may display colors differently, making it difficult to select an accurate shade. A professional will likely use Pantone color formulas to accurately color match and even guarantee the exact, desired color in print. In addition to selecting the right colors, you’ll also receive color formulas that can be used across any type of media. This includes black and white, RGB for digital use and screen displays, and CMYK for print products.

    Reason 4: Professional Logos Are Designed for Consistency Across All Mediums

    A consistent brand presence across all mediums leads to positive brand associations and may lead to more purchases or commitments to your brand. The elements of a professional logo are designed to be replicable and appear consistent no matter where they appear, from color palettes to font choices. With a professional, your logo is designed with this principle in mind.

    Reason 5: Working with a Professional Logo Company Gives You Access to Other Services Like Web Development, Digital Marketing, or Print Collateral

    When you work with a full-service agency, you have access to other creative services that can help you round out your marketing efforts. Agencies are equipped with website developers and digital marketers who can build out a beautiful website and assist in getting your business in front of potential customers. Having access to a complete suite of creative services makes the process streamlined and turnkey.

    Start Off On the Right Foot

    As one of the most important aspects of your brand identity and business, wouldn’t you want to invest in your logo to make sure it’s done right? Make a good first impression and build a solid brand from the start. The benefits of this approach go beyond boosting brand recognition, it’s cost-effective, sets you up for success from the very beginning, and can be attributed to the reason people stick around. Give yourself the best chance of success with a professionally designed logo that will attract the attention of potential customers.


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