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  • The Importance of Digital Logo Use

    A logo speaks volumes about a company. It can evoke feelings of authenticity, trust, and credibility, all while connecting your business to consumers and community. A logo is used to brand your business and marketing materials, but what else does a company use it for? 

    In today’s digitally predominant world, your logo should be put on almost anything you produce online. Digital assets, including ads, social media posts, or website content, should all feature your logo.

    Where Should You Put Your Logo?

    Your logo should not only be included on digital assets but should also be placed in the right place. Generally, you should keep the positioning the same for most of your graphics. A business can go about this multiple ways, but the most popular placements are in the bottom right corner, centered on the bottom, or in the upper left corner. 

    By doing so, you ensure your logo won’t be too distracting, but will still associate your image with your brand. The process can be streamlined by creating templates in which all the design elements are already set in place and only the text overlay or graphics need to be adjusted.

    Increasing Your Brand Awareness on Social Media

    Including your logo on social media content helps users connect your posts to your profile and business, where they’ll be more likely to remember your brand if you were to ask them about it later. 

    Images tend to catch people’s attention first, so having your logo on them can help to create a quick association. It’s common for users to share holiday posts or quotes they like online, so branding is just as important on sharable content as you have the opportunity to reach new audiences. Within the digital landscape, a well-designed logo representing your business will help you stand out from the crowd!

    Create A Consistent and Clear Brand Image

    You will be able to project a consistent and clear brand image to your customers by having branded content for your ads, social media profiles, and website content. A well-kept appearance is a good representation of your business.

    Build Trust and Credibility

    Putting your company logo on your digital assets doesn’t only define your brand, it also builds trust, clarity, and credibility. Users are more likely to interact with digital assets if they have a well-designed logo on them, as opposed to an account posting images with no real branding. Consumers value trust, so adding that extra layer can help businesses develop relationships with users and potential customers.

    Attract Backlinks to Your Website

    A logo on your content is significant in that it can help you attract backlinks to your website. If a website wants to use a graphic of yours as an example for something, they know where it came from and from there, can embed your content on their site and link it back to your website.

    Increase Your Online Engagement

    A logo boosts engagement among followers, likes, shares, and comments because it promotes trust among followers and potential customers. They’ll be more inclined to engage with your social media posts and online advertisements if they feel comfortable with them.


    Your logo is an extremely important part of your business’s overall digital footprint. Building a strong presence and authentic brand will help you appear attractive to prospecting customers. At Boost Creative, our team is comprised of individuals who not only understand the importance of a good logo but the importance of including it on your digital assets as well. For all of your logo and digital marketing needs, contact us today!

    About Boost Creative

    We are Southwest Florida’s proven design resource for digital and print marketing for over 15 years. Our specialties include corporate identity, advertising campaigns, website development, and content marketing. We also offer a range of other services including marketing consultation, print production, search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing. Our team is composed of creative-minded, forward thinkers. With solid multi-industry experience and a foundation in education…we are the real deal. We serve businesses all over the country and are the chosen outsourcing option for many other advertising agencies and marketing consultants. Learn more about who we are.

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