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  • ECHL’s Florida Everblades Will Troll Their Opponents All Season With Hilariously Creative Ads

    See, it’s funny because it looks like the players have lady parts.

    The Florida Everblades of the ECHL have taken trolling to a fascinating new level with a well-placed print ad on the visitor’s bench, courtesy of a company known as Boost Creative.  I don’t care what they sell, I’ll take three, just on principle alone.

    The ad will stay up for the entire ECHL season, and since the above picture was taken this preseason, it will be joined by another print ad that is effective in getting its message across, even if it’s not as clever or funny as the Boost Creative ad…

    Making a sly reference to the visiting team as pests that need to be exterminated is all well and good, but outfitting your opponents with faux skirts and dresses as they lounge on the bench is truly the sweetest plum.

    Read more at The Last Angry Fan Blog.

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