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  • How We’re Helping to Transform the Social Media of Florida Painters

    In today’s business landscape, a robust online presence can serve as an additional marketing channel to promote your brand and services. With an increasing number of customers turning to the internet to find businesses and products, social media platforms have become a popular destination for such searches. By maintaining an active presence on social media, brands can demonstrate their authenticity and credibility, strengthening their bond with customers and enhancing their reputation.

    About Florida Painters

    Florida Painters is a painting company that specializes in commercial, residential, and condo/HOA painting services for the Southwest Florida area. Given their commitment to quality service, it’s important for them to display their work to potential customers within their market.

    Although Florida Painters has an already established, custom-built website with strong SEO, they were eager to expand their social media presence to demonstrate their brand and personality, and to serve as an additional portfolio to showcase their work.

    Elected Services

    Online Presence Optimization (OPO)

    To create consistency and prepare for their ongoing social media management, we began with our Online Presence Optimization service. This allowed us to ensure that all of their profiles had consistent branding, handles, and relevant information such as bios and contact details, giving them a polished and professional appearance. Since Florida Painters had previously set up profiles on Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube, our OPO service was mainly focused on refreshing their profiles and the information within them.

    We recommend OPO even for those who are not signing on for digital marketing services. Once a website is complete or at the start of a brand launch, we can create company profiles on behalf of a brand to get them established on social media or update them so that they’re fresh and consistent with the rest of their marketing materials. Even simply claiming handles with your business name on various platforms allows you to exist until you’re ready to begin posting online.

    Ongoing Social Media Management

    As part of Florida Painter’s current social media retainer, we create and publish a diverse range of content multiple times a week. These posts cover topics such as showcasing their work, sharing customer testimonials, providing company updates, and more. We work closely with them to plan their monthly content calendar and collaborate with our creative team to design graphics that complement their brand and highlight their business and the work they do.

    Growth and Impact of Services

    To boost their online presence, we started by ramping up the frequency of posts being published while ensuring that posting is consistent. Due to this, we saw a rise in overall engagement levels across platforms.

    Since the start of their services on November 1, they have seen a 28% increase in their reach and a 541% increase in engagement on Facebook. As for Instagram, Florida Painters saw a 33% increase in reach and a 631% increase in engagement. In the case of LinkedIn and X, their reach and engagement have also improved drastically since we began our services. Before our services, there were hardly any posts for several months, resulting in little to no engagement.

    Social media has the potential to also visually transform your business by narrating its story through branded posts or showcasing your product or service to prospective clients rather than telling.

    Digital Marketing Solutions

    Digital marketing is a landscape that is constantly evolving and growing every day. Keeping up with it all can be an overwhelming task for some, especially on top of running the day-to-day activities of a business. Our digital marketing services provide full management and growth for a company’s digital presence, both organically and paid. We act as an extension of your business, working directly with our clients to provide seamless service that speaks directly to their customer base. We have expertise in all things digital, from social media management to Google advertising, email marketing campaigns, and more.

    About BOOST Creative

    BOOST Creative is a proven resource for design, website, and digital marketing needs. With creativity at our core, we offer a forward-thinking and innovative approach to the services we offer, including website development & hosting, corporate branding, SEO & SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, print production, and more. In the past 20 years, BOOST has served over 500 clients and managed over 15,000 jobs. We serve clients nationally with locations in Cape Coral and Orlando, Florida.

    Interested in working with us? Send us a message or give us a call!

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